Game Update: Number Slap 0.6.0

Update 0.6.0 is now available in open-beta meaning you do not have to sign up with us to become a beta tester. Just simply download the latest version from Google Play Store

We apologize for the delays; but, some of the promised features from this release will have to be postponed until the next release. Still check it out. The improvements are till too great to hold it back from our gamers. Click here for the latest update

Game Update: Number Slap 0.6.x

Major feature updates to be seen in this super cool update. Along with the fixing of some major bugs; our lead developer has made some pretty nifty changes from smoother graphic animations to easing and transitions. Below I have compiled a list of updates currently noted.

Version 0.6.x

  • Combo attacks take out a fixed amount of health rather than spam attacks
  • Improved animation engine
  • Complete remake of battle engine
  • Major performance enhancements
  • Cells only move in proper directions to prevent unecessary attacks
  • Online PVP
  • Leader Boards
  • Awesome Rewards
  • Events and more

We appreciate all of our open alpha/beta testers as well as our internal tracking teams. If you would like to be a part of our beta team just download the beta test version from google player here

Do note: This project is not yet release and is in it’s early beta stage hence the version 0.6.x. We plan to release a production build optimized with a store, auction, and player trade market; however, this wouldn’t be until after version 1.x.x which is a ways away. So any content provided from this game is provided as is and without warranty of accuracy and/or reliability. Any features and/or aspects of this mobile app is subject to change with or without notice to you. Thank you for playing our game 🙂