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Who We Are!

We are a development/consultant company comprised of professionals of different backgrounds and areas to deliver the perfect service to any and all up-and-coming businesses or future businesses regardless of size and/or quantity. Having so many different professions covered from our office gives us a unique vantage point with your business and commerce whereas we can give your brand the right press to create the anticipation your products need. We are not just a team of developers. We are a complete staff of professional producers, managers, developers, photographers, videographers, and engineers. We started our company in Southfield Michgan in 2017 with the vision to enhance the general standard in small-business quality.

What We Do!

We don't just build websites, games, and mobile apps. We create an entire user engagement experience that your customers/clients will remember without having to browse to so many different websites and/or resources. With some of the industries leading professionals in our office to aid businesses; we cover content editing as well as writing services. With our writing services you can successfully plan complicated project phases such as "Press Runs" with the click of a button. The awesome part about our writing & submissions services is that we have a specialist for whatever your business request may be to advance to the next level rather it's submitting a product press release to TiVo for syndication to sending Record Labels demos for consideration. We also do advanced HTML5App PressKits for both web & mobile (For Recording Artist's Only)


Web Development Price Update -

Updates from Webber Wright Associates


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Webber Wright Games -

Updates from Webber Wright Games

Number Slap version 0.6.0

Check out a fun new experience right from your mobile phone with a new style of puzzle and battle action in this unorthadox action puzzler fighter. Latest updates include

  • Major performance enhancements
  • Major animation improvements
  • Fixed force-close error from moving to fast
  • for more info click here

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